Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) has sent instructions to all the Central Universities to hand over the Ministry of Tribal MoU (MoU) to the Ministry approved by the Executive Council. The HRD Ministry said that it is compulsory for central universities to be handed over to the MOU for issuance of funds. Apart from this, Central Universities were asked to provide information about the methods of raising their funds, such as fees, and loan information from the Higher Education Funding Agency (Hefa). The Ministry said that the fund will not be released in the event of not getting MOU.

Instructions given in the letter.

In a letter sent by the HRD Ministry, it has been written that the Ministry had returned the MOU to the MOU Central Universities and had requested that the Council of Approval of the Executive Council be sent again. Since the MoU can be released only after the signing of the MoU, it is requested that all universities should send MOU within a week. The Ministry has said that if there is any problem in organizing the Executive Council meeting then it will be done through circulation.

Delhi University did not send MOU

This letter from the HRD Ministry was sent to the University of Delhi on June 1, in which a week was given. However, the University of Delhi has not yet sent its MoU to the Ministry or has convened a meeting of the Executive Council. According to sources, Delhi University is opposing this MOU because it will increase the fees of the college. DU executive council member Rajesh Jha said that there are considerable problems in this MoU and it is leading the universities towards privatization. Raising this question, he said that when we have been getting funds from the government for so long, then why is the ministry talking about loan? It is important that all central universities and autonomous bodies have to sign MoU with HRD Ministry and UGC. .

What will change?

According to the MoU, the Ministry will have to inform the implementation of the norms of program performance, program output and MOU implementation and monitoring. According to this MoU, how much fund will be given to any university or from Hefa, it will depend on its performance.


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