Mumbai University has issued a detailed circular clarifying the
50-50 gradation formula for students in lower classes. Colleges have
been asked to follow the formula as mentioned in the circular and
announce results at the earliest. This would help them admit students
internally in lower classes-from first year to second, and from second to
third, and so on.

The circular states colleges have to mark students in the even session
(semesters 2, 4, 6…) on the basis of their average scores in the odd
sessions (1,3,5…). If students have failed in both the odd and even
sessions following the gradation formula, they will have to reappear for
the subjects during the October-November session.

Among other instructions, colleges have been asked to conduct internal exams, if pending, orally on phone or via project submissions on mail. An official said it will be mostly applicable for students from post-graduate courses or engineering students whose academic session was disrupted due to the lockdown. Colleges where some exams were conducted before
the lockdown have been asked to assess papers. The need for moderation from external examiners in some cases is waived .

The decision on final-year exams is pending. Higher education minister Uday Samant will hold a meet with vice-chancellors of public universities to discuss the matter


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