Non-NLU student that is what I would be labeled as. The education system in India has long been divided in such a manner that lately we have been reading elite universities and talent synonymously. I did not get many chances to reach out to people regarding my journey at CUSB. I would thank Campus Varta for reaching out to me regarding this. I would try my best to etch out the five-year-long journey, but I would not promise that it would be the best of the descriptions that I could give. There might be so much that I might miss out and I know it for sure. It is just impossible for me to reduce those years into words. 

It was 2013 and I had just passed the 12th Board examinations. Unlike other candidates, I had no strength to sit for entrance examinations, owing to my poor health. I decided to continue my studies from Gaya itself and that every year, I got myself enrolled in the School of Law and Governance in Central University of South Bihar, the then Central University of Bihar. I knew that it was not something that I wanted in the first place. Just like other science students, I had dreamt of being an engineer, but, I somehow managed to accept this fact that God has His own plans.

Even before my entry in the law school, I was no alien to the field of law. My maternal grandfather, who still practices in the Gaya district court, had often given me the privilege of having a look at his books. Things aligned well and I got enrolled in BSc. LLB (H). It was an unconventional combination though, but I was happy with my choice, at least I had not totally alienated myself with science. I recall that we had two campus shifts and our University shifted to its own campus only after I had graduated in 2018. I was a part of CUSB during its initial phase and I know what struggles our Batch of 2013-18 went through. We had a very small space for the library, but we managed to find books that we wanted, thanks to our excellent library staff.  We started off with three faculties for law and for our science classes, we used to visit the Patna campus and not to forget the faculty of science that used to take out time to visit us for classes. The actual turning point of our law school was when Prof. S.P. Srivastava joined as the Dean. He introduced us to the world of extra-curricular activities and moot court exercises besides academic activities. An uplift in my career took place when I won the Best Law Student of India Award and was awarded a full tuition scholarship for my LL.M. in the Pennsylvania State University, USA. I cannot resist myself from delineating the differences between the two law sc yourself and study well!

schools that I attended. The library at Penn State itself was bigger than half of our rented campus. However, this does not in any sense mean that I have forgotten that I could reach Penn State only because of the support of my faculty and friends at CUSB. I still remember our faculties, S.P. Srivastava Sir, Pawan Sir, PK. Das Sir, Poonam M’am, Digvijay Sir, Ahsan Sir, Deonarayan Sir, all of them encouraged me to participate in the competition that gave me the opportunity to study in the US. I would ever be obliged to the homely environment that I got at CUSB. 

I would advise all my juniors to stay rooted to the ground and not let success, however big it is, to blow their mind. Stay humble, knowledge is a sea, no one can be learned enough to look down upon others. Always respect your teachers, no matter what, they always know more than what you do and their experience is invaluable. Keep hustling and study well, your parents have great hopes with you. I cannot think of much to advise my juniors; however I am always in touch with them and try to advise them whenever they are in need of some guidance, so do not hesitate to reach out. You know that your Sanya di is just a text away! Study well and remember, NLU or non-NLU, what matters most is the purity of knowledge that you have. So be honest to yourself and study well!

About the Author : Sanya Darakhshan Kishwar, alumni of Central University of South Bihar, Gaya.


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