Mysuru college allows students to attend classes with hijab; cancels uniform rule

Mysuru college allows students to attend classes with hijab; cancels uniform rule

Amid the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka, a private college in Mysuru has allowed Muslim students to attend classes with hijab on Friday. The private college has also cancelled its uniform rule and it is the first college in the state to take this decision,media reported.

Police filed an FIR on Friday against nearly 20 students at a college in Tumakuru on charges of violating prohibitory orders by the Karnataka high court forbidding hijabs, saffron shawls, or any religious attire inside classrooms in institutes that need a uniform.

DK Srinivasa Murthy, DDPU, Mysuru said, “Four students refused to attend classes without hijab and were protesting.”

DK Srinivasa Murthy also said that some organizations had supported the students. Murthy said, “I visited the college and held discussions with all. Meanwhile, the college announced that it is cancelling its uniform rule to allow the students to attend classes.”

Following the FIR, Karnataka home minister Araga Jnanendra stated that there would be “no soft approach” and he instructed police to take action against anybody who disobeyed the interim order. The principal of Empress College in Tumakuru, around 70 kilometres from Bengaluru, filed a police complaint against the students for breaching prohibitory orders in the previous two days, media reported.

Earlier, the Karnataka High Court banned Muslim students from wearing hijab or religious attire to colleges until it passes a final decision.

Colleges across various parts of Karnataka including Gadag, Chikkamagaluru, Shivamogga, Udupi witnessed protests in favour and against the hijab.