Nalanda Open University has filed an application in the Supreme Court for the second list of counciling admission in BEd colleges in Bihar. More than half of the seats in BEd colleges remain vacant after the first counseling. Students did not take nominations against the allocation in remote colleges and they are running daily in Nalanda Open University. .

NOU registrar Dr. SP Sinha said that the application for counselling has been filed in the Supreme Court. The nomination process will be extended in the light of the order. It is important that the date of nomination can be done on the basis of first counseling in colleges.

Examination of Pedding Enrollment Issue: There is a problem with the students regarding the issue of pending nomination of 204 students / F / Reidhar. Students are constantly being pressurized on the NOU administration. Many students have provided papers to the NOU administration, which are under investigation. Some of them have been given a clean chit for admission. .

Not a case of absence: The case of absence of more than 200 students is also frozen. Students say that they were absent even after attending counciling. In this case, the NOU administration clearly states that this is not possible. If the attendance letter was deferred then the file of the students present in the counseling would have been with the NOU. Complaints have been investigated, but no such case has come up. Some students were not making nomination in the NUU. They alleged that the NOU administration called the police and called them out and ordered them out. On the other hand, denial of minority colleges is also screwed in admission. So far the picture has not been clear about this. Notice has been given to minority colleges. Colleges have refused admission to the students who participated in the Joint Entrance Examination process. The students have again complained about the NOU administration.


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