NEET 2021 Cheating: Father Paid Rs 50 Lakh to Get Daughter Seat in Medical College, Both Held

NEET 2021 Cheating: Father Paid Rs 50 Lakh to Get Daughter Seat in Medical College, Both Held

Varanasi police have arrested a father-daughter duo in connection with the NEET exam solver gang. According to the police, the father had connected with the gang to help his daughter get a seat in a reputed medical college. He had allegedly paid Rs 50 lakh for the same.

Police investigation revealed that Gopal Vishwas, a resident of Dhulai district of Tripura admitted that he had contacted Pradipta Bhattacharya and Mrityunjay Devnath to get his daughter admitted to a medical course, according to PTI. The deal was fixed between the father and the gang members for Rs 50 lakh.

This gang used to make proxy candidates take exams on behalf of students. An expert or a medical student would impersonate a class 12 student to take the medical entrance exam, as per the plan. This plan was busted in NEET 2021 when Julie Kumari, a student of Banaras Hindu University (BHU), was caught taking the exam at the place of another student.

An earlier investigation revealed that the gang used to obtain usernames and passwords of students and modify them so someone else can take the exam on behalf of the student who originally registered for the exam. The conspirators used to also make changes to admit cards, photographs were morphed, copies of e-Aadhar were made to ensure entry of proxy candidates into exam centres.

Varanasi police commissioner A. Satish Ganesh told news agency PTI that this is the first arrest of a candidate in the NEET solver gang case.

The Uttar Pradesh Police in its investigation has found that at least 25 students could be involved in an exam solver gang or impersonator racket. To investigate the role of impersonators, sample fingerprints filled on the form were obtained and were matched to that of all candidates. The Varanasi police had earlier found the mastermind behind the NEET solver gang who is currently on run with his family.

The CBI has also registered a case against a Nagpur-based coaching centre that used to send medical students and experts on behalf of NEET aspirants to attempt their exams. Cases of proxy are being investigated in at least five exam centres in Ranchi and Delhi.