In Himachal Pradesh, 19 students have been found covid positive at National Institute of technology (NIT) in Hamirpur district following which authorities have asked the students to vacate hostel in order to contain further infection.

Six students had been found positive on Wednesday; thirteen more were detected positive yesterday which created a scare in the entire campus. The NIT director Prof Lalit Awasthy said that those students who are from faraway places could stay in the campus and for others; instructions had been issued for vacating the hostels.

At a meeting Thursday, NIT authorities decided to strictly adhere to the Standard Operating Procedure issued by the district administration so that there was no further spread of the virus on the campus. NIT director Prof. Lalit Awasthy said the students from faraway places could stay on the campus if they wanted but for others, instructions have been issued to vacate the hostels.
Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner, Debasweta Banik said that instructions have been issued to the health department to do mass testing of the students and other living in campus.


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