NIT Jalandhar is back again with the Techniti. Aren’t you excited? It will be lots of fun, competing games, and endless craziness. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it? Looking for some more information? Here you go:

Society of #Mechanical #Engineers (#SOME), Nit Jalandhar is one of the first and driving parts of ISME in Jalandhar. Being built up in 1993 by some energetic understudies and employees of the office, it is a standout amongst the most dynamic social orders in the establishment.

Their central goal is to advance and improve specialized competency, better knowledge and expert prosperity for the understudies inside the grounds, The association of techNiti ’18 occasions is additionally a stage a similar way, which is:

  1. Suspension Off Drive (1-4 individuals)
  2. Rocket League (2-4 individuals)
  3. Aquamania (1-4 individuals)
  4. Techville (5-10 individuals)


#CHESS, the #Chemical #Engineers Students Society imagines arrangement of chances to all through the occasions arranged wherein the partaking understudies get an all out learning and fun experience.

The points of interest of occasions composed are :

  1. Heat exchanger plan: Team of 3-4 individuals
  2. Crazy journey: Team of 2-3 individuals
  3. Chem break: Team of 2-3 individuals.


The general public of Civil specialists (#SocCEr) is the club which speaks to the Undergraduate #CivilEngineers of NIT Jalandhar and our motivation is to improve your school understanding by giving exercises, occasions, administrations, and hearing your issues, concerns, and proposals with respect to Civil. Techniti’18 alongside SocCEr conveys to you the accompanying occasions :

  1. Tech Carnival (Max. 4 individuals)
  2. Overview Hunt (Max. 4 individuals)
  3. Quiz O Mania (Max. 3 individuals)


The Society of Electronics and Communication Engineers (#SOECE) is the expert society of Electronics and Communication Department. The Society appeared as far back as the origin of ECE Department in the Institute. SOECE goes for supporting #technical, #cultural and #managerial aptitudes among the understudies by giving plentiful chances to bring their #potential at surface.

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In Techniti’18 we are sorting out 3 occasions:

  1. Mind the Mind (Team occasion of 2 – 4 individuals)
  2. Circuit Encounter (Team occasion of 2 – 4 individuals)
  3. Knight Freaks (Team occasion of 2 – 4 individuals)


#TEX-#STYLE is the official society of Department of Textile Technology which is submitted for supporting and building up the investigation of Textile control in the school. The general public works for sorting out occasions and workshops for understudies to give them an innovative event. Different specialized occasions are sorted out by TEX-STYLE amid techNITi every year which witness a huge support from understudies. This year TEX-STYLE conveys to you the accompanying occasions –

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  1. Inotex(2-4 individuals)
  2. Tex Arras(1-3 individuals)
  3. Tear with textile(1-3 individuals)


R-Tist the #Robotics club of #NITJ is a functioning society that works exclusively in the field of apply autonomy and wholeheartedly to advance the soul of developing innovation and automation.This techNITi R-Tist convey you #four energizing occasions to test your insight and abilities in the field of apply autonomy:

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Sequential solver: the group of 3 to 5 individuals

Self-ruling automated test: the group of 3 to 5 individuals

Robodrive: the group of 3 to 5 individuals

Light adherent : the group of 3 to 5 individuals


Flavor brings you three energizing occasions that will provoke you to test your insight and aptitudes in the field of instrumentation and control designing.


Small scale robowars Max 3 individuals

Tail it Max 3 individuals

Specialized Guruji  Max 3 individuals


Mission CLUB

Mission is the official Quiz Club of NITJ. Known for directing quality tests all through the scholastic semester, the club goes for feeding the interest of youthful personalities and testing their mindfulness about the world.

Mission conveys to you the accompanying occasions in Techniti’18:


  1. General Quiz
  2. Sci-Tech Quiz
  3. Business Quiz
  4. Disguise


“Venture into the universe of tact; it is an ideal opportunity to act, time to change!” Go to a place where the world hears your voice. Group techNITi introduces before you MODEL UNITED NATIONS (MUN’18) with the end goal to draw your consideration towards an issue of worldwide significance.

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Emerge the pioneer and representative inside you!


Board: WORLD TRADE Organization


Plan: Negotiating and Exploring a Possible Agreement on Electronic Commerce.

The plan puts the WTO intensely in the cutting edge of work on worldwide electronic business to meet the requests of the following century. The representatives will advocate for the old and new multilateral guidelines and along these lines coming to at some ceaseless ends.

Date: third and fourth November

Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Scene: IT building ground floor video conferencing room.


HACK@NITJ – #hackathon Apparatus up coders , here is something intriguing coming up for you this Techniti2k18 : “HACK@NITJ” It is an occasion where developers cooperatively code in an outrageous way over a brief timeframe. While taking a shot at a specific venture, the thought is for every engineer to be able to discover the most ideal arrangement through fast and imaginative coding approach.

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  1. Web based Screening Round Date: October 13, 2018.
  2. Ideathon Date: October 21, 2018
  3. Hackathon Date: November 2, 2018



Calm is a departmental society of dept. of Biotechnology,NIT Jalndhar.It goes for building up the spirit of co-curricular exercises among the understudies by sorting out exercises related to Biotechnology and related zones.. This year SOBER conveys to you the accompanying occasions –





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