As there are no exams in COVID, the Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Goa’s unique method of evaluating students wins accolades. A viral screenshot of the analogue circuit question paper from IIT Goa shows that students were asked to prepare questions by themselves. Marks will be allotted based on the questions framed and answers written for the same.

The method adopted by IIT Goa is considered to be innovative and unique. The Internet can’t get tired of lauding IIT Goa’s unique approach to evaluate students. Along with the conventional way and open book exam, we now have this new and unique method, which can be adopted.

The question paper stated, “Prepare the questions of 60 marks from the lecture materials provided to you in the entire semester (Lecture 1 to Lecture 30). It should reflect your understanding of the course and also must be answered in 2 hours. Avoid discussion with your friends; it may reduce your score if similarities are found. Answer the question that you prepared.”

One of the Twitter participants commented, “Woah! What an examination! You prepare questions for yourself and answer it to get marks. Have to say IIT Goa has found out this unique way to evaluate student by themselves. It’s not going to be easy when you are set free to choose questions to answer. It is going to be the test of integrity too.” While the other said, “Well, that’s one way to get around the problem of question papers getting leaked.”

IIT Goa question paper was divided into two parts, the first part was to prepare 60 mark questions, and the second part was to answer them. The first part carried 30 marks while the second part carried 40 marks. We must say that there cannot be a more unique, intelligent and innovative way to conduct an exam than this. The marks obtained may help students to an extent in future, but ideas like this will surely help them more.


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