Over 50 engineering colleges in Karnataka see intake below 50

Over 50 engineering colleges in Karnataka see intake below 50

There are hardly any takers for over 50 engineering colleges in the state owing to poor infrastructure and teaching facilities.

Admissions to undergraduate engineering courses for the current academic year were completed on December 31, 2021. Data from the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) shows that as many as 57 colleges have got less than 50 admissions and some courses, including mechanical and civil
engineering, witnessed an all-time low in admissions this year despite a rise in the number of eligible candidates due to the no-detention policy in the II PUC examinations of 2021.

Sources say four colleges have got less than 25 admissions though they were allowed an intake of 150.Most of these colleges are located outside Bengaluru, some are government colleges and others in Hyderabad-Karnataka.

There are over 230 engineering colleges in the state and as many as 23,000 seats are le unfilled even aer the second extended round of counselling. There were over 58,110 seats available under the government quota.

The total seats available were 64,484, including private quota seats. Of these, 48,027 seats were allotted and 41,483 students have downloaded the admission cards and enrolled at the colleges.

During 2020 KCET, 76 colleges failed to cross 50 admissions. “Students and parents are more aware now. They will research colleges before taking admissions and reject those with poor infrastructure and placement records,” said an official from the higher education department.

Sources from the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) said there is a request from several colleges to close down mechanical and civil branches.

Prof Karisddappa, vice chancellor, VTU, said: “We are considering this during the Local Inspection Committee visit to colleges seriously and we will give such colleges a deadline for progressive improvement.”