Book buying spree Book lovers race from one stall to another in search of their favorite books. Discomfort with meeting writers and creators in literary seminars. Conversations on literature with friends at Gandhi Maidan with a cup of tea. Many scenes like crowds of people at the ticket counters for entering the book fair will no longer be seen at the CRD Patna book fair from Tuesday. Now readers will have to wait for these things till next year.

The CRD 26th Book Fair held at Gandhi Maidan on November 8 was held on Monday. There was a seminar on the rest of the fair, on the other hand, people who did better work in theater, literature and art were rewarded.

On the last day of the CRD book fair, the crowd of book lovers at the Gandhi Maidan was at various book stalls. In the fair, people of all ages were seen roaming the stalls with their favorite books. Someone needed a ‘tavern’ at the fair, then someone was wandering in search of a ‘vagabond messiah’. While some of the readers kept searching for the book ‘Lalu Leela’, Baba was looking for the works of Nagajarun. Many stalls lacked the writings of leading authors, as all books were sold out. Patna Book Fair was buzzing with book lovers from noon to evening.

On the sabbath day of the book fair, those who did excellent work on the subject of literature, theater, journalism and art were awarded. Honoring the people, Patna’s Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Aggarwal said that there is no dearth of talent in Bihar. All that is needed is to stage these talents. Aggarwal said that the fair is not closed but rested. The power of Bihar has been known for literature and art. Looking at the crowd of readers at the book fair, it seems that people still have a craze for books. Books have maintained their place in the digital age.

Awareness program on ‘Economic Crime and Cybercrime’ was organized at Muktakash Manch of CRD Book Fair. ADG Economic Crime Unit GS Gangwar gave many suggestions to the students and students present in the Tulsi auditorium to avoid economic crime in the digital age. Gangwar said that do not share your bank account number, password, OTP etc. with anyone. Also, be careful while shopping online.

Book lovers do not have to be desperate. The National Book Fair organized by Samay India, New Delhi will attract the readers till Wednesday. This fair, held from November 9, will conclude on November 20. At the fair, media in-charge Ashok Priyadarshi said that readers can shop for books of their choice. Managing Trustee of the fair Chandra Bhushan said that cultural programs are held every day in the fair. Kavi symposium was also organized on Monday, in which Dr. Sudha Sinha, Pushpa Jamuar, Manorama Tiwari, Dr. Seema Yadav, Vibha Devi, Priya Rani, Poonam Sinha etc. read their works.

Prize distribution will be held at the fair today: Deepa Kumari, the manager of the fair said that a book distribution ceremony will be held on Tuesday in the fair premises. The Minister of Art Culture will be the chief guest at the event. Many publishers including NBT, Publications Department, Bihar Rashtrabhasha Parishad, Vidyarthi Books have excellent books in the fair which will attract the attention of readers.


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