Department of Philosophy Patna Women’s College, Patna organized ICPR (Ministry of HRD New Delhi) Sponsored Workshop on Applied Ethics.

The workshop began with the lightening of the lamp. The students welcomed the resource persons and the participants with a ‘Welcome Song – Swagatam hap aapka.’

Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C. Principal, Patna Women’s College gave the welcome address. She emphasized the importance of Ethics in daily life. More than merely knowing the ethics, it is imperative essential to apply ethics to face the challenges of modern life.

While Prof. Ameeta Jaiswal, Head Department of Philosophy, Patna Women’s College gave the inaugural address. She welcomed the resource persons and the participants. She elaborated on the need of Applied Ethics in the present perspective.

The first lecture was by Prof. R.C. Sinha, Retired Head, P. G. Department of Philosophy, Patna University and Member, ICPR, New Delhi. He majorily focused on Subaltern morality which is a new trend in Applied Ethics. He also emphasized the importance of context which is situational ethics.

The second lecture was by Prof. Neelima Sinha, Dean, Humanities, Magadh University and EX- Vice-Chancellor of K.S.D.S University, Darbhanga. She discussed “Issues in Applied Ethics” and distinguished between ‘Moral and Ethics’. She elaborated on the dimension of applied ethics and the challenges that have emerged in modern times due to advancements of science & technology.

The third speaker was Dr. Abha Singh, Professor, P.G. Department of Philosophy, A.N College, Patna. She explained about the Indian Ethics. How have ethics been explained in Indian Philosophy and how it heavily relies upon authority i.e., Vedas and Upanishads. She also elaborated about “Subjective & Objective Morality” in Indian Ethics. On the question of the justification of Ethics that why be moral? She answered that Man himself is the justification.

Prize Distribution was done by Dr. Kumkum Rani, Faculty Member, Deptt. of Philosophy, Patna Women’s College in the Valedictory session. Raushan Kumar, Kajol Sikaria and Abha Kumari won prizes in Poster Competitions while Hadia Faisal, Rajshree Singh and Priti Singh won prizes in Essay Competition.


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