Be prepared for 160 Principal working in 100 degree colleges in the state. Directorate of Higher Education has prepared the transferred list and sent it to the government. This transfer list is also expected from the government soon. Principals posted in the degree colleges in the transfer list have also been included.

In the list of 1027 professors posted in the colleges, 160 have been included in the list, according to the standard of 10 per cent transfer from Government level. In the transfer list, the officers of 13th degree colleges and officers working in the Higher Education Directorate have also been included. It is being told that the officers working in the Directorate can be manipulated on a large scale. .

Dr. Brijmohan Brabarola, Assistant Director of Higher Education, said that the transfer list has been sent to the government. The list will be uploaded on the Directorate’s website as soon as the stamp is sealed. .


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