Radha’s mother’s sister-in-law’s daughter is what relation of Radha?

Option A) Sister
Option B) Mother
Option C) Cousin
Option D) Aunt

Sounds like a question you’d find in CAT? Nope.

Believe it or not, it is one of the questions from the 2018 Presidency University Bachelor Degree Entrance Test (PUBDET) paper for Political Science.

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90 marks of this paper consisted of Logical Reasoning questions similar as above and 10 were from English Language, both of which, as you may have guessed it, have nothing to do with Political Science, the subject matter.

PUBDET, the entrance test for Presidency University, Kolkata was held on 12th & 13th May, where many applicants of Political Science found themselves in an unfortunate predicament when they found out that the matter of their future study was nowhere in their exam papers.

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Also, as clearly stated in PUBDET Information Bulletin, the syllabus for Political Science Entrance test is Political Science and English Language [90+10].

However, this sorry state of affairs is not simply limited to the PUBDET Political Science paper. Sociology and both Bachelors & Master-degree Philosophy papers also suffered a similar fate under the gross negligence of WBJEEB, the authority that conducts PUBDET & PUMDET.

WBJEEB thinks these questions are a crucial part of most competitive examinations such as NET & GATE. In this exams, critical thinking & analytical reasoning are tested through questions like above. Also, many are of the opinion that there is no harm in such questions in Bachelors & Masters degree entrance tests. However, it was not the presence, but the volume of such questions (90 marks out of 100) that led to mass confusion on 12th & 13th March.

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Students React to PUBDET Paper

Rimjhim Sinha, a sociology examinee of PUMDET agrees. “What is the relation between sociology & someone’s mastery over the English Language? Why were there so many Logical Reasoning questions? Why are there no questions on the subject matter? Since I am applying for Masters, shouldn’t I be judged instead on how clear I am in my subject instead of on English or Reasoning?”

Emeritus Professor Prasanto Ray of Presidency’s Sociology department also shares Rimjhim’s point of view. “Presidency Entrances have always tested the critical & analytical thinking skills of the examinee, often through essay-writing etc. However, these questions have always been relevant to the stream which the applicant is applying.”

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However, the WBJEEB has not given any satisfactory reason for such an abrupt change in the content of these papers. According to Dr. Dibyendu Kar, Registrar, “Our expert committee has set the question papers. Therefore I will not be able to comment fully upon this matter. However we have acted in accordance with the instructions of Presidency’s Registrar.”

The Resulting Outrage

PU Unit of Students’ Federation of India (SFI) issued a deputation on May 18 demanding an satisfactory reason for the discrepancy.

Confusion in PUBDET paper leads to Student Outrage

Students of PU assembled in front of the Dean as a mark of protest.

Most examinees were apparently not aware of this change in question paper pattern. Political Science applicants were expecting a paper consisting of 90 marks Pol Sc. questions & 10 marks English, as was the syllabus, and WBJEEB & PU had issued no circular regarding this change.

However, WBJEEB chairman Malayendu Saha made a statement that PU Registrar had issued a circular on the WBJEEB in February, 3 months before examination date, that Logical Reasoning section must consist of 90 marks & the rest for English.

Confusion in PUBDET paper leads to Student OutrageHowever, some students are not convinced. Shuvajit Sarkar, a History student at PU writes that WBJEEB only uploaded this document on the day of the exam after the exam had begun (from 9:00 am-10:30 am).

Confusion in PUBDET paper leads to Student Outrage

PU’s registrar, Debajyoti Konar, was unavailable for comment.


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