Examinations will be registered only after biometric identification is held in online admission test for the first time starting May 18 in BHU. Under it, the pupil of the eye, face and thumb marks will be read and recorded by the biometric method. After the identity is confirmed, the candidate will be a computer a lot for the examination. Based on the serial number marked on the entry letter, the information and photo given by the candidate will be matched in the form. After this, the effigy of the eyes, face and thumb marks will be taken. During this time, the candidate will get a new registration number on which the computer will be allowed at the examination center.

All centers for BHU entrance examination will be monitored by CC TV cameras. Videography of examination centers will also be done. The candidate has been downloaded on the alot computer on the one side form and the photo taken on the center will appear along with the supervisor confirming the identity of the candidate and presenting the presence.

For biometric identification at BHU’s online examination centers, it will be necessary for the test takers to arrive one and a half hour before the start of the examination. For the first time in BHU, for the online entrance examination, the examiner’s office has completed almost all the preparations. Supervisors have been trained for online exams.

The completion of the BHU entrance exam will automatically lock the computer. After this, no message from the key board will be read. During the examination, time information will remain visible on the computer screen. BHU exam controller Manoj Pandey said that the preparation of the online entrance examination has been completed. Take the candidate sufficient time to reach the credits so that the biometric registration can be completed in time.

For BHU’s Online Admissions Examination, it has become the center of 115 cities in the country. OMR sheet will not be filled during the online examination. The OMR sheet will automatically black once you select the answer to the question. Examinations will be done through OMR sheet and question papers on the centers made in 45 cities of the country for offline examination.


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