Ministry of Home Affairs, MHA has released the Unlock 5.0 Guidelines. Under the revised guidelines, reopening of schools and colleges in India is allowed from October 15 in a graded manner. The decision to reopen schools and colleges has to be taken in consultation with the school’s/ institution’s management after assessing the situation. Attendance is not mandatory in schools.

As for colleges, the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education has been given permission to take the decision on the reopening of colleges/ Higher Educational Institutions or HEIs. The decision for colleges also has to be taken after assessing the ground situation. For both schools and colleges, online learning would continue to be the preferred mode of teaching and to be encouraged. Check complete guidelines for reopening of school and colleges below.

Unlock 5.0 Guidelines for Reopening Schools in India

  1. Schools and coaching institutions have been given permission to reopen in a graded manner from October 15, 2020. This would have to be done after assessing the situation
  2. Online learning is to be promoted and preferred mode of teaching
  3. Attendance is not to be made mandatory or enforced and students would still require parental consent to attend the school (voluntary)
  4. In case schools are conducting online classes and some students prefer online and not physical classes, then school must permit them to do so
  5. States and UTs would prepare their own SOPs in accordance with the details SOPs released by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare about reopening schools in th country. Also, schools must ensure SOPs are followed strictly and to the letter.
  6. Schools within containment zones would continue to remain closed.

Unlock 5.0 Guielines for Reopening Colleges, HEIs in India

  1. Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education has been asked to take the decision on reopening of colleges in a graded manner, based on the situation 
  2. Online education is to be preferred mode of teaching
  3. Only Higher Educational Institutions for research scholars (Ph.D) and post graduate students in science and technology stream requiring laboratary work would be permitted to reopen from October 15th.
  4. For the same, the heads of Centrally Funded Higher Educational Institutions (ex. IITs, NITs, and other technical institutes or HEIs) would take the decision after satisfying themselves if actual lab work/ experimentation is required before giving permission to reopen
  5. State & Private Universities, and other HEIs are allowed to reopen only for research scholars and postgraduate students in science and technology stream, as per the decision of the respective state governments.

Please note, under-graduate colleges offering courses in arts and commerce have not been given the permission to repoen under the Unlock 5.0. The guidelines clearly specify that the reopening of only graduate colleges of science and technology or research which absolutely requires laborotary work. Also, the MHA’s SOPs for reopening Colleges has to be followed in letter and spirit. 


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