After completion of merger of state government schools, report of teacher-student ratio has been summoned from all districts. In this regard, all the deputy directors have been instructed by Amarendra Pratap Singh, Principal Secretary, School Education and Literacy Department.

In the directive, he said that till the end of June, the teachers in the schools of the state will have to recruit teachers. The department has received reports from several districts that there are still many schools where there are four teachers for four children. At the same time, despite having a lot of children, there are not enough teachers.

Process to be completed till June: At the block level, according to the students, instructions have been given to complete the process of posting of teachers till June. For this, a set date has also been set on behalf of the Secretary. Under this, a report of vacant posts of teachers in different schools from DSE has been sought by June 6. According to the rules till June 13, the schools have been asked to check the appointment of more teachers. As per the meeting of the posting committee till June 23-28, instructions have been given to transfer the teachers according to need. After completion of the process at the block level, it will be implemented in the Inter-Block and Inter-District. The Secretary has said that adequate number of teachers are required for quality education. In such cases, retired teachers may also be employed. At the same time, instructions have been given to transfer mercury teachers at the Panchayat level. .

Instructions for completing the teachers’ adjustment process till June.

‘Instructions for appointing teachers in schools according to need.


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