Have you ever thought , what compels the students of Bihar to flock towards the other states of India for their higher education?

Probably , different age groups will have their own set of beliefs regarding the same. But the root cause is the degradation of the education system in Bihar. It is , no doubt , getting worst day by day. The colleges charge high fees and in return provide the minimum they can afford ; no updation of the books in the library , no proper labs , minimal use of smart class , no practical knowledge and the list is endless.

Upon talking to the applicants for the Bachelor of Mass Communication in Patna Women’s College , they replied , “ There are very less college in Patna who offer this course . So we are left with no other option but to pay 60 thousand for this course and yet we could see no facilities except for one computer lab , which is full old computers. We could not find any lab or studio for our practical work.”

The parents waiting outside the main entrance of Patna Women’s College , for their daughter’s interview to get over , wondered how NAAC credits grade ‘A’ to this college , when the students are not satisfied at all ?

Upon hearing this review , we did a comparative study . We found out that DU , colleges in Kolkata and Mumbai , have divided this 3 years course of Mass Communication into 6 semesters . In each semester the students get to learn and study new topics , so that by the end of their 3rd year , they have all the knowledge regarding this media world. Moreover , they charge much less than PWC , say , around 15 thousand an year. The most important thing , after providing the students with quality education , there provide many job opportunities as well .

Many companies visit the campus and the students get their placements. But there’s nothing as such in PWC. Companies come only when they want , not on regular basis. That means after paying 60 thousand an year , the only thing that a media student gets is an hour long lecturers for 6 months .

This system needs to be changed . The students who really want to stay back in Bihar and study here , must be provided with the quality education so they can work for their own state.

Disclaimer : We didn’t made any changes or amendment in the sent article, while publishing.


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