In the Magadh Women’s College, third-year students were felicitated on the Farewell party. On this occasion, the students of the third year of all departments had reached colorful clothes at a function organized on this occasion.

College girl students were so happy when Bihar’s DGP Gupteeshwar Pandey reached the Central Stage. The girls welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm.” The district’s SSP is also a woman. Garima Mallik is always a carefree officer for the protection of girl students. On the occasion, DIG Rajesh Kumar asked the students to be uninterested in reading.” Said DGP.

Shivani Singh of department was given the title of Student of the Year in Magadh Mahila College. As the announcement of the Student of the Year from the Principal, the college jumped with the thundering of applause. Kajri, Runner-up and Aditi Pandey got the third position. Kanika Best Interlex and Simran were named the best speakers.’

During the Farewell party, the girl made fun of song and dance. Above one, the presentation of the campus was buzzing.



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