India is one amongst the country where human development index is still a major concern. India’s current HDI (Human Development Index) rating is 0.647 with an overall rank of 129 out of 189 countries. This alarming figure indicates the urge of some essential reforms in basic education, so as to bring in the best practices of developing a child into an enlighten human being. 

The factors which contributes to HDI are: Life Expectancy, Education and Per Capita Income. These are the factors which also defines an enlighten human being. A developing economy like India need to grow its concern towards the above-mentioned factors. A country is known by its active population which builds the basic blocks of economy. India is currently aiming a ‘5 trillion-dollar economy’ by 2024. To make it possible the indicators like HDI play a very significant role. The dismal figure of 0.64 is one of the biggest obstructions in chasing the goal. To counter this obstruction, India needs to heavily invest in sports and education. These are the two sectors of human development which not only brings individual prosperity but also contributes to the nation as a whole. 

As per the WHO (World Health Organization) and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) India need to induct some major reforms in sports and education to build a better figure. The UNDP has clearly indicated ‘Sports in Education’ policy which serves ‘health and education’ parallelly on a single platform. Today in India, we often give more priority to education and neglect the need of active sports which subsequently affects the overall growth of an individual. Health is one of the biggest parameters whose more than 60% part comes through sports. UNDP has urged the countries like India to bring better reforms in order to inculcate a sense of awareness among the society. Sports is as equally important as education. 

The current initiative of ‘Khelo India’ by the Sports Ministry has made an excellent effort to revive the lost ethos of Indian culture which serves the factors of HDI on priority. The schemes like ‘Khelo India School Games’ and ‘Khelo India Youth Games’ are exclusively designed under ‘Sports in Education’ policy as mentioned by UNDP. The ministry has also directed the secretary of sports to carry out a joint session with HRD (Human Resource & Development) ministry to discuss further policies related to ‘sports in education’ reforms.


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