Several important decisions were taken in the first financial meeting of Sridevi Suman University. The University has also stamped the fees in various courses. Also, salaries of daily salaried employees have also been increased. .

Sridev Suman held a meeting on Tuesday in the university’s Badshahithaul Tehri campus. In the meeting, the examination fee has been increased from Rs 400 to Rs 1500 in BEd course. MED has been increased from Rs. 1300 to Rs. 1800, marks improvement exam fee from 300 rupees to five hundred rupees. Degree fees have also been increased from Rs 1.50 to Rs 400. In addition, the semester examination fee has been increased by 50-50 rupees in UG and PG. In the autonomous and vocational courses, the semester has also increased the marks improvement exam fees by one and a half hundred rupees. .

The BED entrance examination fee has been increased by two hundred rupees. While the fee for the scheduled caste has increased to 100 rupees. 50 rupees in admission registration, 50% increase in migration certificate. .

In the meeting, Vice Chancellor Dr. Dipak Bhatt, Registrar Dr. Dipak Bhatt, Vice Chancellor Dinesh Chandra, Director of Examination Dr. Hemant Bisht, Assistant Examination Controller Dr. VL Arya, Former Vice Chancellor of Garhwal University, Prof. MSM Rawat, Financial Officer Smriti Khanduri, Prof. Others, including Ajit Kumar Singhal, were present. .

In the meeting held on Tuesday, Shri Siddhim Suman held the seminar at the University of Badshahithal Tehri Campus on Monday for the employees working on daily wages. An important decision was taken about the daily wages of daily wages in the meeting. Increasing daily payment of these employees was stamped. .
The daily payment of third class employees has been increased from Rs 291 to 400. There is an increase of Rs. 170 in the salary of the fourth class employees. Their honorarium has been increased from 180 rupees to 350 rupees per day. The daily wage of drivers has increased by Rs 150 per day.


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