You don’t understand what’s happening. You turn the pages over. The multitudes of equations don’t make sense. You begin scribbling, doodling the necessities of life. Sometimes, they turn into art. Sometimes they remain the confusing mess you are. You wonder what you want to do with the inscriptions you’ve made. Fear not! Srijan 19 brings to you an event to test your logo skills honed through the boring lectures of life. Can you design the logo that’ll put everyone in awe?

So, Srijan Jadavpur University Logo City Competitions. Be a part of it.

Event Details

  1. FIRST ROUND: The 1st round will be online round where each of the participants will be given three problem statement.T hey need to select two problem statement and will have to design two logo according to the given problem statement.The participants need to submit their design to the below link.
  2. SECOND ROUND: The 2nd round is a quiz round based on the general knowledge about popular company logos and brand,held on the day of srijan(more specific details will be pronounced soon).This will be point based round ,the details of which are given in the marking section below.

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First round

  • The participating teams will have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 members
  • The participating teams will be sent 3 problem statements.They will have to make designs on 2 of those statements.
  • The team has to submit their artworks in either jpg,jpeg,pdf or tiff format.
  • If the work is done in traditional medium ,the participant can take a photo and upload it .The participant can also make a pdf and upload it .Poor qualities photo will be penelized.
  • If the work is done digitally it should be of 9000pixel*9000pixel in size .The image should be created from scratch.Copying elements from online sources will be penalized.

Marking scheme

First round

  • The total marks for the first round is 100.
  • The division of marks will be as follows:
    • Text(font and type)-20
    • Color palette-20
    • Aesthetics-20
    • Description-40

Second round

  • 15 questions will be there related to logos and brands;distributed into three rounds.
  • 2 marks will be given for each question.
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