A third-year student was stabbed today at the Kerala University campus in capital Thiruvananthapuram after a fight with other students. According to eyewitnesses, Akhil, who is pursuing his BA in Political Science, was allegedly stabbed by students who were the college unit members of the Students’ Federation of India (SFI), the youth wing of the CPM.

Soon after the incident, the university’s campus was witness to several protests and unruly scenes by the students.

A fight reportedly broke out when some students were stopped from singing by SFI members, after which Akhil was stabbed in the chest, according to student eyewitnesses. One of the eyewitnesses said the SFI members closed college gates, preventing some of the students from leaving when the fight broke out.

“There were few altercations in the college canteen and even outside. Students were singing some songs. Suddenly SFI unit committee members came in and stopped them from singing.  As we were trying to get out of the college, some of the senior students closed the gates and Akhil was stabbed. They were SFI unit members. Even Akhil is part of SFI”, one of the eye witness students told.

Another student eyewitness told NDTV that old members of the SFI from outside the college were also among those responsible for the stabbing.

“I did not see the people who did this because I was at the back. But they were SFI unit members. And not just them, there were some old unit members from outside who joined them too. We all are part of SFI. But it is the leaders who did this”, another student told.

Akhil was rushed to a general hospital soon after the incident and was taken to Thiruvananthapuram’s Government Medical College after initial first aid.


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