The students of Cotton University in Assam’s Guwahati on Wednesday hoisted black flags in front of the university gate to protest against attack on students and teachers of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Expressing solidarity with the mob violence at JNU campus, the Cotton University students demanded the government to take appropriate action against the attackers.

Sudarshan Kaushik Sarma, a student of Cotton University, said it is very unfortunate and saddening to see the students are “not safe” in the national capital.

“The students are not safe on the campus and even in the hostels. The girl students were brutally attacked by masked goons. If the national capital can’t provide them safety, then how we can expect that other regions of the county will be safe. We may be attacked a day after tomorrow or near future. We are now very afraid. The government should take strong action against the mob,” Sudarshan Kaushik Sarma told India Today.

“We students are completely solidarity with the students of JNU and other parts of the country too. We should stand together and fight for our right,” Sudarshan Kaushik Sarma said.

Meanwhile, Assam Students’ Forum demanded the resignation of Union Home Minister Amit Shah over the JNU violence which happened on Sunday.

Assam Students’ Forum president Hirak Jyoti Bora alleged the government machinery has also used their forces on students of Cotton University and Gauhati University to “suppress” their voices.

“In Assam, they have used their forces on the students of Cotton University and Gauhati University through police. But in JNU, they had sent their own goons. The truth will come out when the investigation will be completed,” Hirak Jyoti Bora said.


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