TEAM SMiLE of Central University of South Bihar, Gaya (CUSB) members went to Middle School Fathepur, Tepa and High School Fatehpur, Tepa on 24th of January,2019 to celebrate “National Girl Child day“.

This initiative to celebrate the special day as “National Girl Child Day” stated in the year 2009 with a view of removing gender barrier and to promote equality among both the genders so as to motivate them to move forward in all walks of life.

The main aim of this campaign was too aware of girls regarding their rights and to make them know the importance of education in their progress and Development. The students were very curious where their answers have been given by the members in the best possible ways. Students were found quite happy and confident and listen attentively to the valuable information provided by us.

Results of “HINDI ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION” were announced at the moment where Nazmeen Praveen stood at the 1st position Sahina Yashmeen & Aditya Kumar Gupta collectively at the 2nd position and Priyanshu Kumari at the 3rd position respectively. The winners will be awarded separately at a special occasion of TEAM SMiLE.


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