TETA Urdu pass candidates, who have been demanding appointment for a long time, encircleed the residence of Basic Education Minister Anupama Jaiswal on Monday and started committing a ruckus. Candidates shouting outside the house said that the government should start the recruitment process of 4000 Urdu teachers stopping soon. The people of the police and ministerial staff came out to see the rumors rising. After the minister’s talks with the delegation of the candidates from the minister, they became calm. After the assurance of the minister to interact with CM within two days, the candidates became silent.

On Monday morning around ten o’clock, dozens of TET pass candidates arrived outside the residence of Basic Education Minister Anupama Jaiswal and started sloganeering about the appointment. Candidates sat on the main gate of the house and started pressurizing the minister to press. After some time the candidates started the ruckus after the sloganeering. The police and the PAC came. The staff met the representatives of candidates from Safiya Faridi, Renu Awasthi and Alok Singh, Minister Anupama Jaiswal. After the assurance of the minister to interact with the CM, he became calm.

TET Pass Mohalim-e-Urdu Association State President Umm Safia Faridi says that the first counciling of four thousand Urdu teachers was also done, the appointment letter was to be issued. The department has stopped the recruitment without any reason. .

Candidates who went to the High Court: The candidates also went to the High Court to start the recruitment. The court instructed to start the recruitment, but the education department is still not introducing recruitment. This angry Urdu candidate is compelled to protest. At the same time, the government has distributed appointment letters by introducing recruitment process of 12460 teachers. In such a situation, the angry candidates, with the double standards adopted by the Urdu teachers, say that till the government does not issue a mandate to start the recruitment process. Until then, these people will continue to carry out the demonstration.

On the other hand, BPD degree holders also performed furiously and reached the residence of the Minister for Basic Education.

TET passed Urdu candidates on Monday for the recruitment of Basic Education Minister Anupama Jayaswal’s residence. BPD degree holders also demonstrated at the residence of the Minister of Basic Education


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