The future of PUSUE candidates in Patna University will be decided 21 thousand voter.This time two thousand voters have increased in Patna University Students’ Union elections. The number of voters has increased with the increase in the number of admissions and the opening of many new departments.

Last time there were nearly nineteen and a half thousand voters in the PU Student Union election, while this time the figure is set to cross 21 thousand. According to the information received from the PU administration, the process of determining the voter list is in the final stage. The figures of voters of two to three departments are yet to come, so the number of voters can go up to 21 and a half thousand.

This time the special committee will keep a close watch on the expenses of the candidates: Dean of Student F / RPU Student Welfare Prof. NK Jha said that in the last election there were complaints of partial slackness in some cases.

In this election, there will be a special focus on spending more than the amount fixed for the candidates. There was a complaint that with the support of some political parties, money was shed like water in the expenses of elections on campus. This time special strictness will be taken in these cases. A special team is being formed, which will closely monitor the expenditure being incurred on campus by candidates or organizations.

According to the rules, a maximum limit of five thousand rupees has been fixed for the central panel candidate and a maximum of three thousand rupees for the council member. In such a situation, if this figure is more than the fixed amount, then action is decided on the candidate. In one such case, last year a counter near the campus was also removed by the university administration for the provision of food and drink. This time, there is complete preparation to clamp down on the candidates.

After nominating any candidate, a special committee will be formed this time for investigation. This committee will also examine the information given by the candidate. After giving false information, legal action will also be taken against them. After the controversy over the candidature of the two candidates in the last election, this time the PU administration will blow up.


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