Anwesha-19 concludes the three-day with the grand closing ceremony at IIT Patna.

Three-day Anwesha 19 organized at the campus at Bihta, IIT, Patna, concluded on Sunday night. In which Raghu Dikshit from Bengaluru and the team of Abhinav rock band made the IItians tangle with their best presentation.

Akshay Ganesh and Naveen Thomas, who are supporting Raghu Dikshit, are the people of Dum Dum Dum and Masti, a celebrity of my life, and dreams are fun at the costliest then it is cheap but such a fantastic presentation that students and students are late in the night are. On this occasion, the participants who spread their talents in different programs were rewarded.

On this occasion, students who had come from different institutes to perform the program performed fame in the form of a Bhojpuri song and dance presentation. They did such a favorable performance that the people around the camp also kept on shouting. Participants participated in the program along with IIT Patna, BHU, FDDI, BIT, IITP, KK Dhanbad etc.

Among those who got the award were: Suridip Das, Ashutosh Maurya and Abhishek Singh in Astroparticle Voyage, Maheshwar Das, Mahant, Abhishek Soni, Ankit Patel, Mind Banders PV Shriram and Kaushik IIT Patna, Abhishek Singh in ElectroAccuse, Ashish Anjan , Jai Jai, Niranjan Reddy in Chem Chardas, Mission Lal, Yogesh Yadav of IET Lucknow, Sugandh Singh and Vikas Kumar, in Robowwar. Chandan Kumar, Mohit Kishore, Gurpreet Singh, Rakesh Roshan in House of Cards, Aryan Yas Prince in House of Cards, Radical Droliya in Virtual CID, Kanchan Kumari Verma, Sonam Pravin in Lotus Face, Vikas Prasad Soni in Tamasha, Many others including Pransu Chandni, Vibhav Vats, were rewarded. Milan Jolly and Himanshu played a key role in the media synopsis.


On the occasion, the students participated with the event director Pushpak Bhattacharya, Anwesha 19’s first lady Aparna Bhattacharya and media coordinator Milon Jolly, Himanshu.


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