At a time when India is seeing a fall out over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act, Jawaharlal Nehru University has been making headlines around student protests and violence on campus.

While people from different walks of life along with students have united on the streets to in support of student safety, social media on the other hand has seen it’s own set of rallies for and against JNU.

The latest to join the JNU row on Twitter is Chetan Bhagat, who recently tweeted, “JNU is just one college. There are nearly 40,000 colleges in India. I understand it is important. But there is a limit to how much importance and attention one college gets. There are more important issues in a country of 1.2 bn people I am sure.”

Bhagat’s tweets, which often attract strong reactions for triggering controversies, was no different this time. As soon as his tweet went viral, netizens trolled the writer by ‘informing’ hum that JNU is “just not one college” in this matter and that the U stood for ‘University’.


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