There is a water crisis today, and it is directly or indirectly affecting us. Today, one in every 10 human beings has no access to clean water. This is due to various reasons such as droughts, lack of natural supply of water, inadequate infrastructure, and contaminated water, etc. With the increasing population and rising global warming, the water crises are becoming a huge danger to our ecosystem.

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In this dire situation, there comes a unique solution made by an IIT Madras-incubated company which works in delivering quality drinkable water, extracted out of thin air, when and wherever required which is ‘VayuJal

In a talk with the co-founder and director of ‘VayuJal’,┬áMr. Ramesh Kumar Soni, we came to know about a unique device called ‘Atmospheric Water Generator‘ (AWG) which creates water out of thin air. Yes, you heard it right. And in fact, VayuJal has already installed a few devices in Chennai and one of their sister companies have installed a similar technology in Punjab too. AWG aims to offer pure and healthy drinking water that complies with all required World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

So what is Atmospheric Water Generator?

In simple terms, Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a device that collects humidity available in our atmosphere utilizing condensation and is like condensation happening around a glass filled with cold water. The collected condensed water is purified using purification cartridges and then mineralized before dispensing it for drinking.

Drinking water from a Vayujal-developed AWG. (Source: Facebook/Vayujal)

The machine collects water by processing humid air, and for this, a fan sucks ambient air through an air filter and passes through cold surfaces.

Condensed water from the cold surface is collected into a stainless steel tank. The collected water is treated using ozone, sediment filter, carbon filter, membrane, UV light. Purified water is remineralized.

The inspiration behind the AWG came from the Depleting drinking water sources and the unavailability of drinking water on time.

Nowadays people mostly rely on water-cans which has hygiene and on-time supply issues. With atmospheric water generators, an individual can get on-demand drinking water anytime with quality assurance.

Currently, there are two variants available

The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) has been established in many places including schools, restaurants, houses, offices in Chennai.

Currently, it comes in two variants i.e. 100 and 400 liters per day. However, the team is also working on not one, but two more variants i.e. of 30 liters and 2000 liters.

Getting into technicality, when asked how is the product tackling the problem? Mr. Soni replied that

With ongoing anthropological activities, cities are either losing their groundwater table and surface water resources or getting them highly contaminated. Water being a premium commodity of the future every household will need independent access to clean water. Atmospheric water generator units will offer a solution to such a situation.

AWGs also give a solution in areas where transportation of water-limited by infrastructure or financial constraints. An AWG can generate water at that place and meet the need.

About VayuJal:

VayuJal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. develops Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) to combat the problem at the global level and to provide affordable, clean and healthy water to everyone facing a water shortage or a water contamination problem, through environmentally sustainable technological solutions.


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