What do IIESTians think about Transforming Education on International Youth Day?

What do IIESTians think about Transforming Education on International Youth Day?

August 12 marks the annual celebration of International Youth Day. It is an international day of awareness, recognizing youth across the globe and empowering the world’s youth to make positive contributions to their communities and nations.

The world currently holds the largest generation of youth in history. Young people represent hope for the future. However, they are more than that.

“Young people are not only our future, but they are also our present… They are the most connected, most outspoken and the most open-minded generation the world has ever seen.”-Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova

The theme of International Youth Day 2019, “TRANSFORMING EDUCATION”, highlights efforts to make education more relevant, equitable and inclusive for all youth, including efforts by youth themselves.

Photo Source : Facebook Page of EDC IIEST Shibpur
Photo Source: Facebook Page of EDC IIEST Shibpur

On this occasion students of Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur shared their views on the topic “Transforming Education”, spoke about the changes they want in today’s education system of India.

According to Sachindra Rai, a UG student of Civil Engineering department-

Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is Stupid” ~ Albert Einstein

Sachindra Rai, a UG student of Civil Engineering department
Sachindra Rai, a UG student of Civil Engineering department

This 15th August, we will celebrate 73rd Independence Day but our education system is still completely following the pattern of British rule. The aim of that education system was producing a bunch of people who had to follow orders and the same aim still we have. India can develop faster if the education system is changed. If we want to see India as “Vishwa Guru” (another time, the only key is changing the education system from just memorizing a few books and getting good marks to skill, creativity, innovation, original thinking, research and invention based system. The system shouldn’t compel the students to either crack some competitive exam or become a subject of mockery but to improve their knowledge and capabilities, to let them see the opportunities available and decided them what they want to do. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” ~ Steve Jobs


According to Vishnu Tiwri, a UG student of Computer Science and Technology department,IIEST Shibpur-

“The youth of today does not fear the unknown. It does not want to feel safe under the garb of tried and tested and now outdated knowledge that is being taught in institutions today. It wants adventure and thrill, the excitement of learning something new and the joy of actually creating something useful. I think it’s time we brought radical changes to this education system to incorporate all the latest developments, and let the youth of today learn and experiment and enjoy the thrill of actually making something new, solving real-world problems that we encounter today.

Vishnu Tiwri, a UG student of Computer Science and Technology department,IIEST Shibpur
Vishnu Tiwri, a UG student of Computer Science and Technology department,IIEST Shibpur

The youth is a resource, its raw energy, that just needs the right direction to be channeled to, and it will work wonders. Rather than being driven by the systems that have now gone obsolete, we the youth must focus our energy on exploring new avenues, with the help of or in spite of the existing institutions. The best way to develop in this age of rapid development is to be self-dependent and always hungry for more and new. 

This International Youth Day, let’s go exploring and learning and creating and living!”

Aratrika elaborated some of the points in her way,

“India is a country where most of the people see education as a strong means to climb the social and economic ladder. And like any other established system, Indian Education System to has suffered serious allegations from the students, parents, and teachers since years. It’s been a far-reaching and a major concern for the students and the teachers as well across the country. It is now a story of overburdened students and unsatisfied teachers. 

Even after several reforms in the education system of the country, the system still needs some major changes to be made. Our education system at present is oriented to only marks. 

What are the prime flaws in the system? What shall be fixed first? What changes did we need at present? Which areas need to be focused more on? Here’s a few:

  1. Focusing on skill-based learning.

Millions of students are a victim of these futile and impractical rat race. Parents force their children to score as much marks as possible. And they celebrate this rite of mugging up the text books without actually thinking where it could be used in real time. 

  1. Choosing a Career.

Explore different fields. Before making a decision whether you want to be an engineer or a doctor (the most common answer rather) see what else can make you happy. Elsewhere can you excel. It’s your life, your likings matter. Students shall be guided such that they can scrutinise what they want to do. 

  1. It’s more than marks and scores.

As I mentioned above, it is undoubtedly more important that you learn the things correctly and know how to apply them. Applications in the real world is desired than cramming up the texts from a 500-page book! And we need this approach in the education system of India.

  1. Morality Matters

Just as Swami Vivekananda said, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.”, education imbibes morality. A literate person is someone who not only can read or write, but more importantly knows how to respect a fellow human being. This is the true meaning of education. And learning the biographies of various saints and gurus won’t help here. But a direct link with the inner self will work.

  1. Technological Advancement

India needs to connect and link the entire county through internet facilities in order to reach and teach every corner of the country. Rather than focussing on the outer framework, we need to focus more on providing cheap smartphones and tablets with high speed internet connection, so that everyone is able to cope up with this fast pace of the developing world. 

  1. Curbing out the gender disparity

Let both the genders learn what they want to. There shall be no discrimination for the girl child. This is where the role of parents matter the most. She’s also a human and deserves equal share of education like any other boy. Also, one of the biggest concerns for the country’s education system, is that, there should be a provision rather a better for providing quality education to the third gender. They’re no different from us. We’re all the same. They deserve as much as others do.

Aratrika Sarkar, Electrical Engineering (UG), IIEST
Aratrika Sarkar, Electrical Engineering (UG), IIEST

Further, there could be many more areas where we have to strive hard to achieve the real goal of providing best of the education to the nation. Could you think of some? 

Anthony J. D’Angelo rightly said, “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Let us not forget that mere marks cannot judge or decide what we aspire to become. But our passion and eager to learn can.” – said Aratrika Sarkar, Electrical Engineering (UG), IIEST