Teachers are those whom students learn by observing, keeping in touch with them. Wanting to be like them by being influenced by them. In addition to assimilating his strengths, many times he also adopts his shortcomings.

In a way, the reflection of the teacher can be said to his students. Teachers can motivate students to adopt it in their future life along with their knowledge from their behavior, experiences and statements.

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Equality in schools and colleges means not only administrative equality and opportunities, but also its practicality, as well as dealings with others in everyday life as well as with junior people, employees and classmates etc.

If you talk respectfully with older people in your age, height and position and disrespect younger people, colleagues, employees and students or classmates in age, post etc., it is also not fair if you differentiate between students.

If a teacher, along with students of rich and poor class, average, high and low I.Q. If we discriminate between students, then this is the line of distinction.

Inequality in their students also increases. If there is an unseen gap between the students or there is a feeling of inferiority between them, then it is not good for our future society.

Teacher’s inclination towards certain students

This is normal, but often a teacher’s behavior and inclination becomes more towards certain students, which should not happen. Such a situation is extremely dangerous for teachers as well as students and society.

Due of this, the interest of other students not only starts to be less in reading, but in their heart, they also tend to have a bad attitude towards those students as well as other teachers.

In such a situation, teachers need to be probable with their behavior as well as consistency and transparency in the work. Only then can they become a medium to establish a future society. Teachers can strengthen the foundation of modern society based on love, equality and faith by eliminating the line of distinction between their students.

Inequality on the basis of reservation, caste, religion, state, language, etc. comes after them, because if physically, socially and mentally, as well as educationally and spiritually, man will be healthy, then the concept of equal society can also be embodied .


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