The eighth edition of TEDxIIMRanchi was hosted on March 10, 2019, at CMPDI.  TEDxIIMRanchi 2019 was a platform to inspire people to look into the “Kaleidoscope of possibilities”.

Raj Samani was the speaker at TEDxIIMRanchi, one of the youngest Indians to speak at the United Nations Headquarters, Vienna. He began his address by asking a simple question- When people know that they desire more. Why do they settle for less?

In this generation, when everyone wants to create an impact in society, how do we do that? The solution, he said, is pretty simple – We are underestimating what we can do this very moment, we can start impacting the world, right here right now, by appreciating the person sitting right next to us, giving him an honest, positive construct and social validation. While the need for getting social validation keeps on increasing, we tend to ridicule people when they are trying to do something. He encouraged the audience to be honest, for example, if someone’s work is horrible, we must be upfront in saying that while appreciating their courage and hard work at the same time. We must start appreciating people more to make them feel courageous and pretty about themselves. Give them a reason to feel bold and audacious about themselves. The magic is in the person sitting right next to you. Imagine if every person we know starts appreciating – helping people around to strive and thrive instead of survive, that’s the idea worth spreading.

Inspired by everyday experiences, which resonated with the attendees on a personal level, Raj Shamani inspired the audience to go there out in the world with a go-getter attitude
In this generation where everyone is trying to make an impact on society, we can do more by eliminating the act of comparing with others, by appreciating others, complimenting them.

So, let’s start the chain reaction of appreciation and take the initiative of giving people a reason to start thriving instead of surviving, give them a reason to smile. 



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