Will Schools In Delhi Reopen? DDMA To Decide Today

Will Schools In Delhi Reopen? DDMA To Decide Today

The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) is likely to decide on the reopening of schools in the national capital on Friday, February 4. Delhi government also recommended DDMA to reopen schools in the last meeting on January 27. With Covid cases declining, several states have started reopening schools and colleges for physical classes. As per Union Ministry of Education officials, schools are fully open in 11 states, partially opened mainly for higher classes in 16 states and continue to remain closed in nine states.

Asserting that online education can never replace offline education, the Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia earlier said the Delhi government had closed schools when it was not safe for children, but excessive caution is now harming students.

“The pandemic-induced school closures have not only affected their studies but also their mental health. During COVID, our priority was children’s safety. But since various researches have now found that COVID is not so harmful for kids, it is important to reopen the schools, as now is the time for exams and related preparations,” Mr Sisodia said.

The Central Government on Thursday, February 2 issued modified guidelines for reopening of schools and asked states and Union Territories (UTs) to decide at their level whether schools require consent from parents to allow students in classrooms.

As per the new guidelines, it will be up to states and UTs if parents need to give such permission. However, the new guidelines have also asked parents to give their consent if states or UTs ask for it. The revised guidelines also focused on smooth transition from online to classroom learning through bridge courses, focusing on students who need extra interventions and to implement remedial programmes.