Patna University Students Union Vice President Yoshita Patwardhan will hold a favor with PU Vice-Chancellor. She has been given a 24-hour delay to keep his side to the appeals authority of PU. On Tuesday evening Yoshita’s representatives received the letter related to the investigation report from the University administration. On Tuesday evening, Yoshita said that he will keep his position in the Appellate Authority against the decision of Koshang. .

What was the case: In fact, during the filing of nomination papers in the Patna University Students’ Election on the elected Yashita Patvardhana, the Vice Chancellor of the Students Union was accused of giving false information in affidavit and concealing academic arrears. After several procedures, the grievance redressal of the University Koshang was involved in investigating the matter that the allegations made by student leaders on Yoshita were correct. After investigation of the case, complaint redressal Koshang found the allegations to be very good.

Principal can not give satisfactory answer: Despite being promoted here, Magadha’s Mahila principals are also seen moving towards allowing elections to be fought. Grievance Redressal Koshang has found that the Magadha Mahila Mahila Mahila College’s student dissatisfied with the reply of the inquiry. Complaint Redressal Koshang has commented that the college’s Principal could not be present even at two scheduled dates of hearing by Koshang.

There are also many factual mistakes in the written position that the Principal placed in front of the treasury. According to Koshang’s remarks, the dean of all faculties and the principal of the colleges were posted as election officers. In such a way, it is not right to write the Principal that he was not authorized to take any legal decisions related to the election. .

‘Vice President today can appeal against the decision.

‘Koshang is not satisfied with the response of Magadha Mahila College’s Principal.


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