Education, the most prominent necessity of the 21st century, is now on the verge of privatization taking the form of a widespread high engrossing business. However, this time the major role in this aspect is played by the central government, which is very surprising. 

At the time when education should be made, completely free to make it accessible to the last person in the utmost corners of the country, continuous fee hike in different universities is quite dubious, in terms of development which the government claims of. 

Here, I am not justifying the act of students and what they did, rather my entire focus is on education, the needs of students, the wants of youths and the right to education. 

Not only JNU, but the fee hike is a burning issue in almost every major university including IITs, NITs and IIMs. When top Indian Universities are getting expensive- what can you expect from other such commercial colleges? 

To justify the fee hike, arguments are made that it’s wastage of taxpayers’ money. On the other hand, thousands of crores of money are invested in making a statue which won’t recover its fiscal deficiency ever is the best usage of money right? 

I have only one answer to the arguments, the government which doesn’t invest in education does not pay attention to the real development of the country— the youths who are going to replace the major counterparts of the nation and take their places. Most of these skilled and qualified persons come from these top universities, which has an intense diversity of people belonging from different economical classes which due to affordability provides them the required opportunity and quality education. 

Eventually, investing in education results in such groomed skilled and trained persons, when these folks take part in different businesses and trades sectors, the real return can be interpreted. Well, the same can be observed in different developed countries offering free education to all its citizens. 

With only 3% of GDP spent on education from the yearly budget, of which around half remains unspent the government’s aim to raise fee is questionable! 

Is that the definition of development? Or, the definition of development is reformed by restricting education to a specific class of people with a specified style of education were facts and figures do not matter and a drop of information is used to erase the truth beside every matter. 

Written By 

Ifa Agnes


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