Positive leadership and education: Recent buzz in IITs-IIMs

Positive leadership and education: Recent buzz in IITs-IIMs

As we are well aware of the fact, that the entropy of the Universe is speeding continuously and we are expanding at a very fast rate. So, is this age the same we used to live centuries ago? Definitely Not!! So, what to think about for the sustenance of this modern civilization? Is it the

Capital or is it the core human values and Education? The answer lies within you!!

On the basis of the above approach, the most trustworthy and premier institutes of India (IITS, IIMS etc.) have started a modern technique to revolutionize the current education system where they will redefine the definition of modern EDUCATION- Enhancement, Development, Unity, Capability, Affection, Team-work, Inquisitiveness, Opportunity & Nationality. These are not only the Keywords which define Education but in a real sense, they are the attributes or the building blocks which defines a responsible character and a well-sustained civilization.

IIT-KGP in the coming month is going to organise a seminar on the same theme to instil some core values in the recent trend of Education but do we really believe that this approach to sustainable education can be injected so easily through seminars and gatherings? Or is it just a glimpse to a bigger picture to awake our gloomy mindset which restricts our education system to attendance, getting good grades and searching for a job. Is the current system of Education- sustainable? Definitely Not!!

So, where to look? What to search? Do we really need to redefine our existence? The answer is Yes, we need to!! In order to build an intellectual civilization free from crimes, greed, lust and anger full of joy, trust, respect and ability we really need to invest more in our education. Today the world is looking for dynamic leaders who by the virtue of their attributes can contribute to the organisational development. Our society needs them to instil fresh energy to our dying ecosystem and it could only be possible through Education.

This all can happen through positive leadership which in itself is the subset of Education, to be more precisely the Behavioural part of Education. We still are dealing with the Cognitive part instilling a sense of intelligence without behavioural intelligence. This is just like eating a half ripen fruit which tastes quite unpleasant. To bring effective leadership and organisational growth through education we need to balance the behavioural and cognitive part equally or the results may be unsound.

The nation is heading towards Artificial Intelligence where the cognitive part of Education should have to be very sharp which can’t be compromised but if the behavioural part got slipped in between we will be left with nothing except a catastrophe.

-Jitendra Pratap Singh