The engineers of the country will get an excellent center in Ranchi for research and training in the fields of defense, nuclear, energy, steel and space. Here, Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) will set up the Center of Excellence in Ranchi.

The HEC claims that it will be the first training and research institute in the country where information on nuclear, space, energy and other areas will be updated with updated research. It will be inaugurated on June 6. At the moment, this center is being opened in the campus of the engineering institute NIFFT in Hatia, Ranchi. The center of this center will be ready by next year.

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In the establishment of this research institute, along with the Ministry of Heavy Industries of the Central Government, the Citymass Company of Russia is also collaborating with the HEC. Engineers of any company in the country can come for research in this center. In the center, they will be given the latest technology information. .

The inauguration of the HEC Center of Excellence will be tomorrow.

“With the cooperation of Russia, the center is open, with 225 seats.

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25 experts have been appointed for research and training in the center. Russia, IIT Kharagpur, NIFFT, HEC and foreign companies will be special engineers and scientific training.

This will be the first center of excellence in the country where simultaneous information about latest research in nuclear, space, defense sectors along with other areas of engineering will be provided. Engineers can also take training. – Avijit Ghosh, CMD, HEC

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Defense, nuclear, energy, steel aerospace steel melting and heat treatment, non-destructive testing, welding techniques, melting, forging, casting, power plants and special forging for gear manufacturing. With the establishment of the Center, the engineers of HEC and various companies of the country will get new technology and research information.


In an earlier version of the article the name of the institute NIFFT had been misspelled. It has been corrected now.


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