St. Xavier’s Autonomous College of Ranchi University has been one of the top 50 colleges in the country. On Monday, the list of 100 best colleges in the country was released on behalf of the India Today Survey -2009 MDRA (Marketing and Development Research Associates). In this, St. Xavier’s College of Arts, Science, Commerce and BBA Faculty has got rank within 50. This survey ranked the base colleges of five standards. These are the standards- internal quality and governance, academic excellence, infrastructure, career / profession / placement, personality development and leadership development. St. Xavier’s College got the only distinction to join the state’s top 50 colleges. From NAAC, the college also receives A plus grade.

Almost 10,000 students at the graduate and postgraduate level study here. There are 143 teachers and 105 supporting staff. In the survey, the BBA faculty of college has succeeded in bringing 21 ranks among the best-50 teacher institutes in the country. The college’s Deputy Principal Dr. Dr. Nobor Lakra, Dr. AK Sinha, the Controller of Examinations, Dr. Kamal Kumar Bose, Head of the Department of Hindi, encouraged the ranking as encouraging.

Ranking of St. Xavier’s in various faculty in the survey

Faculty rank

Arts 35th

Science 43rd

Commerce 33rd

BBA 21st


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