CSIT Department of Amity University Ranchi AMITECH 2018 is here to bind all art forms and creativity together and build a new learning space for Amitians. The fest is set to rock Ranchi on 11th May with events as varied as Robo-War to PhotoMania & Best From Waste. Most of the events have free registrations. Hence, you can participate, learn, win, loose and grow up with these various events happening right at your doorstep.

So what are you waiting for? REGISTER TODAY for an unforgettable experience at Amity University Ranchi AMITECH 2018.

Registration Process from Amity University Ranchi AMITECH

Registration Deadline: 9th May

Event Date: 11th May

Each events have their set of rules & regulations.

Register here   READ THE RULES

Finally, you can check out the multitude of events from the gallery below. Contact the numbers given on the posters for further information.


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