World Scholar’s Cup Global Round was recently held in Kuala Lumpur. There were 4,000 students from about 40 countries participating in the event. There were three different age categories and in which eight teams from Chennai participated. The theme was – “An entangled world: diplomacy, human relationships, the science of memory, literature, art, and music.” All eight Chennai Teams finished in top 20% and qualified for the season’s finale at Yale University, USA. This is the first time ever that an Indian Team has topped this competition. Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Written Individual Quiz and Team Buzzer Quiz are the four categories they participated in.

“A to Zee Creativity”, A Chennai based creative group trained the students to explore their talent beyond academics. The group is headed by Maithili Shaan Kartari Libby, an advocate, and passionate public-speaking educator. The group aims at channelizing talent and creativity through drama, debate, quizzing, and MUNs.

The Champion overall team comprised of Adam Libby, Sibhi Arvindan, Tejas Narayan. They came first in South Asia as well as in the Scholar’s Challenge, The Girl’s Team comprising of Ann Susan George, Tia Thadani, Zai Libby came first in South Asia and Scholar’s Bowl, and second in team debate.


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