“Indian Aviation industry is a job generator waiting for the right push”, he added

‘I want to be a pilot’ – This was one of the most common answers for a career choice in nascent age. The thrill of flying an aircraft through clouds at high-speed would feel unmatchable. But, how many fulfilled this dream? Not even a handful. Although there are many reasons, lack of attention to aviation education and possible employment prospects tops the charts.

Demand outclasses supply  

Veteran aviation industry expert and corporate lobbyist Deepak Talwar says, “Indian Aviation industry is a job generator waiting for the right push. With retiring professionals and decreasing new recruits, the demand-supply gap is constantly increasing. While some individuals join training academies post-graduation, students must be made aware of the opportunities in Indian aviation at the senior secondary level in order to make a difference. Now, aviation education needs limelight.”

Parallel growth of airlines and professionals

According to data released by TeamLease in 2019, the demand-supply curve for pilots, cabin crew, and ground staff faces a deficit of 500, 1,450, and 6,400 professionals respectively. This gap is going to increase in the future. Leading airlines – Indigo, Air India, Vistara – register aggressive airline fleet expansion every year. However, these plans cannot be sustained without trained pilots, quality maintenance staff, route experts, and experienced cabin crew.

Private institutions partner with schools

As a potential solution, Deepak Talwar recommends that Frankfinn Institute, Chimes Aviation Academy, GMR Aviation Academy, and other similar organizations could partner with leading school chains in the country. With quarterly guest lectures, students would be able to gather insight about the condition of the Indian aviation industry, types of job opportunities, and the skill required to secure their dream position.  

Aviation and career counseling sessions

Lack of career awareness is a significant issue for today’s young talent. Sessions on aviation as a career option could be made mandatory for students pursuing senior secondary education in the science and commerce domain. Aviation industry experts could utilize this opportunity to shape raw talent in the country by sharing their insights on different roles in aviation, requirements in the industry, and act as employment mentors.  

In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and competitive nature of the Indian market, the aviation industry is a gem hiding in plain sight. Provided that students put rigorous efforts in exploring the field of aviation combined with application-based knowledge, it would not be an understatement to say that a rewarding career could perhaps await their future.

Deepak Talwar holds more than 30 years of experience in the Indian aviation industry. Throughout his career, Talwar has been vocal about the fact that with appropriate guidance, raw Indian talent has the potential to single-handedly solve the employment woes in Indian aviation. 


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