Melania Trump (First Lady of United States) in a recent press release while boarding her maiden flight to India has revealed her enthusiasm to visit the Delhi based government schools. She wants to encounter the live session of happiness classes so inducted in the new education policy by NCT (National Capital Territory) based AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Govt. 

Delhi’s model of ‘Happiness Classes’ was brought in action in the midst of July 2019 and thereafter it became a serious conundrum for intellectuals holding distinct portfolios across the world. A huge chunk of people had appreciated the step while others have condemned it by referring the initiative as a political manifestation with no clear objectives. The duty-bound state government of Delhi in the past 6 months has executed the policy so effectively on the ground, that now the ‘Happiness Classes’ has taken the real shape with widened recognition across the globe. Many developed economies like the USA, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Australia have lauded the efforts of the Delhi government by calling it a revolutionary step in the Indian Education system. 

The concept of Happiness Classes in the school curriculum is not new to the world. Many well-developed countries are running it as an integral part of education since very long. In India, the National Capital Territory of Delhi has become the first state to implement the model. The state government has scheduled a daily ‘Happiness Class’ of about 45 minutes for the students from class 1 to 8. For playgroups (Nursery, LGK, and UKG) they are held twice a week. As per the curriculum, these classes comprise events like story-telling, meditation, fun-sessions, and particular interest-based activities. The main objective of the curriculum is to develop self-awareness and mindfulness, including skills of critical thinking and inquiry, enabling them to communicate effectively to deal with stressful and conflicting situations around them. This part of daily education is making them aware of oneself and in the real sense, it is providing them a sharp edge to define their character. Recently the government of Maharashtra has also extended his will to adopt the Delhi based education model. 

Writer’s Perspective on ‘Happiness Classes’ 

The English alphabets in the word ‘Education’ stand for E-Enhancement, D-Development, U-Unity, C-Capability, A-Ambition, T-Talent, I-Individuality, O-Opportunity and N-Nationality. This in real sense is the purpose of education. Education is the only tool by which we shape the character of an individual. It converts a human being into a worthy citizen and hence shapes a worthy nation. The ‘Happiness Classes’ of Delhi is just an initiation to such an approach. India as a whole should adopt this model of education where self-awareness and mindfulness are the righteous goals of one’s success. 

-Jitendra Pratap Singh


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