Gourav Jaiswal an educational reformist from Madhya Pradesh. He visited Bihar last week. He is currently, working in the transformation of the education system in rural India. Gourav Jaiswal is the founder of Agrini an educational initiative with the mission of “quality education for all”. He is also part of Shiksha satyagraha, it is a campaign to make education a political issue.

Who is Gourav Jaiswal and why working on Shiksha Satyagrah?

Did you know about Gourav Jaiswal? Did you know about the term Shiksha Satyagrah? How Students, Parents, or teachers can connect themselves with Shiksha Satyagrah? If you don't know then you must listen Gourav Jaiswal :)#GouravJaiswal #ShikshaSatyagrah #Bihar

Posted by Campus Varta on Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Gourav Jaiswal on his visit to Bihar visited few schools and met people who are working in educational development. He urged the youth in Bihar to make education an important issue in upcoming elections. He said, we usually vote candidates if he/she belongs to your caste or region, that doesn’t lead to any commitment between voter and the candidate.

Gourav Jaiswal, Indian Educational Activist was on Visit to Bihar

Gourav Jaiswal emphasizes how small steps can lead to achievement of bigger goals.Diverting from his career as an engineer in order to follow his passion, Gourav led to numerous social reforms in the field of education. His anger for the shortcomings of society turned out to be quite contagious and spread to other social entrepreneurs and reformers. Thus, numerous social battles were fought and Agrini was born.Gourav’s current role in the team is to conceptualise programs, raise resources, efficient networking and to keep the team motivated.Few days back, Gourav was on Visit to Bihar, so we interacted with him, So Let's listen him 🙂 and try to connect with him over education in Bihar.#GouravJaiswal #GouravJaiswalinBihar #ShikshaSatyagrah

Posted by Campus Varta on Tuesday, 25 February 2020

But if we vote based on what work will the candidate do for example will he/she work on the development of the regional schools or come up with more colleges. Most of the candidates don’t want to raise issues that they have to work on and therefore, it becomes our right to cast our vote to the person whose goal is the growth and welfare of society. He urged the youth of  Bihar to take responsibility for electing the candidate which will work on the welfare of the education sector. It’s the responsibility of youth to make the upcoming election, an election for education and employment


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