‘Maharashtra will learn from Delhi education model’: Minister Uday Samant

‘Maharashtra will learn from Delhi education model’: Minister Uday Samant

Maharashtra’s Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant, inspired by the education model of Delhi, said that his state would like to adopt a few ideas and implement them.

“I came here with a lot of curiosity to know more about Delhi’s education model. It is successful, and I would like to take ideas from here and adopt them in our education system. I also shared about our efforts to bring a positive change in Maharashtra’s education model. We should also think of a tie-up between the two states and pick good things from each other’s education models,” Samant said after meeting his Delhi counterpart Manish Sisodia. 

The Delhi education model has come in praise for many of its facets including the transformation of school infrastructure,  training of teachers and principals, engaging the community by reconstituting School Management Committees (SMC), and major curricular reforms in teaching and learning.  Samant said that he was hoping to come back to Delhi with his entire team to gain more insights into the education system here.

“I am going to come here with my entire team and would also request Minister Varsha Gaikwad, Maharashtra School Education Minister, to come and learn about the different innovative curriculum that not only focus on studies but also the psychological and mental development of the children like happiness curriculum.” 

The education model was one of the major poll planks of the AAP.

“The Maharashtra government has started with some new programs in the field of education and I would like to learn and adopt it here. Learning from each other’s education models is what we are aiming for,” said Sisodia. 

“If the need arises, we can share resources parallelly from yours to ours and vice-versa. The ultimate goal is to provide the best quality education to our students.”

Source: The New Indian Express