In most of the districts of the state, the students in the eighth study are very weak. It has been disclosed in the National Achievement Survey. According to the survey, 38 to 48 percent of the eighth students of 26 districts are not aware of Syllabus. Students from 5 to 55 percent of 11 districts know the 8th syllabus.

Based on the examination written by the Human Resource Ministry and the NCERT, the basic information of the students was examined. It included 1 lakh 34 thousand 367 students of 6183 schools. A hundred-digit written examination was taken for information about Syllabus. The survey clearly states that basic knowledge of students going to Class VIII goes down. In the survey, the 13-member committee of HMRD and NCERT has done the survey. In the survey done on three classes, it is best to perform studies in third students of 38 districts. In most districts, in the third class, 60 percent of the students have information about Syllabus. At the same time, the demonstration goes in the middle of the eight and goes between 45 to 50 percent.

85 percent of Muzaffarpur and 70 percent of Nawada and Lakhisarai students are doing better in the third class. At the same time, the situation of Katihar is also bad in the third class. Only 45 percent of students in Katihar are doing better in the third and 54 percent of the students are aware of the fifth syllabus.

If you talk about Eighth Basic, students of Begusarai district have more information. 57 percent of Begusarai students are aware of the syllabus. The condition of Darbhanga and Siwan district is very poor. 42 percent of Darbhanga and 43 percent of civilian students are aware of Syllabus.



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