For every parent, providing quality education to their children remains top priority. However, finding the right school for the tiny tots is a much difficult task than imagined by most. Choosing a school implies putting the child on a long, winding path of learning. Therefore, this path needs to be selected carefully and wisely. 

With a rapidly growing number of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools and equally stringent admission norms, most parents find themselves in a fix when it comes to securing their child’s admission to a school. A wide range of factors is also taken under due consideration by the parents before shortlisting a school. Some of these include:


Most schools adopt different paths when it comes to curriculum. However, it is important for parents to gather information about the study course followed and the educational board affiliation for a particular school before considering it for their child’s admission. Ryan International School follows CBSE, IGCSE, IB, ICSE, and SSC patterns throughout its various branches across the country. On the other hand, schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya, Delhi Public School, etc, stick largely with CBSE curriculum.

Approach to Learning

As a parent, it becomes imperative to inspect the school’s approach to learning, and determining whether it would add to the development of your child or not. While many children fare well under the traditional teaching practices adopted by most schools, some kids blossom better with specific teaching approaches, such as the KASSM (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Social and Moral Values) approach adopted by Ryan International School for the holistic development of its students.

Academic Performance

The academic performance of the school remains another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration before shortlisting a school for their tiny tots. The school’s report card through the years, along with the result graph, need to be checked carefully. Most parents prefer getting their children admission to schools like Ryan International, Delhi Public School, etc., known for their students excelling in the class 10 and 12 CBSE and ICSE board examinations 2019.

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities lay the very basis of the holistic development of school kids many schools promise to the parents. Different schools adopt different approaches towards incorporating extracurricular activities into the learning process. For example, Ryan International School is known for conducting leadership programs such as World Scholars’ Cup and Indian Model United Nations, along with facilitating innovation among its students through the setup of Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL)- stem labs where students can experiment and innovate projects to resolve social and economic issues.

However, analysing these factors remains the tip of the iceberg. Parents often find it quite challenging to successfully secure a seat for their child at the school of their choice. The journey is no less than a rocky road, with lengthy admission procedures and rigorous interview sessions that parents have to undergo along with their kids.

The painstaking admission procedures and the research on part of the parents that comes in the form of gathering information, talking to other parents and visiting schools, ultimately benefits the children tremendously by providing them with the best possible education.


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