Are we being taught enough about the climate emergency at our schools? Educating the youth about the ill impacts of climate change is as important as taking appropriate steps to combat it. Teaching kids about climate change is not solely to spur them on to take action & do ‘their’ part for ‘their’ environment but also prepare them for the future as kids will be growing up in an era where they will likely be responsible for developing climate change solutions.

Colleges and schools should ‘walk the talk’ and ‘talk the walk’ when it comes to climate change education. For Example: If they are teaching students how the Earth is suffering because of single-use plastics, then they should make efforts to curb plastic waste in school cafeterias.

The country in Asia which is providing its students with firsthand experience and information is Cambodia where school hours were reduced due to heatwaves in the dry season.

I believe that the ‘Indian Education System’ lacks in teaching children to ‘walk the talk’ and not just mug up the impacts of climate change to obtain that perfect score or grade.


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