The fate of a primary school located in Arjunpur Gadha village of Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh changed dramatically when Devbrat Tripathi was appointed as its head. He breathed new life into the worn out government school building with his measures to transform it into a modern day institution.

To everyone’s surprise and awe, Tripathi renovated the dilapidated structure to give it a complete makeover, equipping it with all the facilities a child could get in a convent school. Along with good education, children at this school also enjoy the luxury of a big dining hall and a big garden. The school also encourages kids to push the message of Swacch Bharat further.

Earlier, this school used to be similar to other government primary schools but things started to change after Tripathi became the principal. With the vision to revamp the school on the pattern of convent institutions, Tripathi put in his hard work and dedication to transform it into a modern day place of learning.

Speaking about his attachment to the school, Devbrat Tripathi said, “I still remember the day when i was appointed as an assistant teacher in this school on 10th September 1982. The school building was in a very bad condition and also a part of it was encroached. I took the matter to the administrative officers and after a lot of effort we were able to get the boundary wall of the school constructed.”

“The biggest challenge for me then, was to increase the number of students. The education pattern was psychologically molded to encourage students. We also came up with a garden just to encourage students for gardening. This in turn created awareness in the students, they started showing interest and also the garden of the school became rich,” added Tripathi.

The efforts of Devbrat Tripathi are acknowledged not just by the residents of Arjunpur Gadha village but also by those belonging to the adjoining villages.

Representative of the village head Arjunpur Gadha, Dharmraj Yadav says, “Earlier the school building was in shambles, it was only after the efforts of Principal and his staff that it has now turned into a modern school like building. Our primary school building is a matter of pride for us today and it is recognised by people from far off villages as well. No other nearby village has a school building like our villages has.”


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