Sarita rai is an educational activist from Hajipur, Bihar. Sarita Rai, a law graduate from Patna law college and post-graduate in English, had offers from various reputed companies for legal consulting. But ditching all the luxury and stable life, she chose to work on making education accessible to underprivileged children of her state and starting from her district Hajipur. Bihar has the lowest literacy rate in our country and Sarita Rai is on a quest to make Bihar a state with a high literacy rate. She is the founder at Topper study point Udaan. 

Sarita Rai in conversation with Campus Varta put forth her views on Shiksha Satyagrah and why it is important to make education a political issue. She says, “ That Shiksha Satyagrah is extremely important in today’s day and time because India among most populated countries and still it is considered a developing nation. This is because of a lack of quality in education. Even after so many years of freedom, there is a need for campaigns like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti padhao’, female feticide, and many more, and this majorly because the education system is still the same. Everything else is being focused on except education.”

Sarita Rai, Activist from Hajipur speak up on Shiksha Satyagrah

Sarita Rai, Activist from Hajipur speak up on Shiksha Satyagrah.#ShikshaSatyagrah #EducationinBihar #ElectioninBihar #SaritaRai #CampuVarta

Posted by Campus Varta on Sunday, 1 March 2020
Sarita Rai on Shiksha Satyagrah

Further, she praised the campaign of Shiksha Satyagrah of Gourav Jaiswal and said that this campaign should be encouraged in Bihar as well because of upcoming elections and that education should be made an important part of the manifesto.
“People who come seeking votes should be questioned about the education in their manifesto and if they have education as a topic, they should be further asked that what all development will they bring to education structure and infrastructure of schools and colleges of Bihar. What will be the major topics in education that would be considered in education? Will startups and entrepreneurship included?” said Sarita Rai.

She encouraged politicians of India to rise above caste and religion and make education an important topic in elections. She talked about her idea of making education free of cost to college level, as that will encourage underprivileged children to go to school and learn and will give support to the hidden talent of children.


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